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Welcome to the Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga program, at GE Group of Institution! Our Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga is a specialized program designed to provide students with advanced education and training in yoga philosophy, theory, practice, and teaching methodologies. This comprehensive program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to pursue a rewarding career in the field of yoga education, therapy, research, and wellness.

Comprehensive Curriculum

  1. Yoga Philosophy and History:

    • Explore the philosophical foundations of yoga, including its historical origins, classical texts (such as the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and Hatha Yoga Pradipika), and core principles (such as the eight limbs of yoga). Gain insights into the philosophical underpinnings of yoga and its relevance to modern life.
  2. Yogic Anatomy and Physiology:

    • Study the human body from a yogic perspective, including the anatomical structures, systems, and functions relevant to yoga practice. Learn about the subtle energy channels (nadis), energy centers (chakras), and vital life force (prana) in the context of yoga anatomy and physiology.
  3. Asanas (Yoga Postures):

    • Practice a variety of yoga asanas (postures) encompassing standing poses, seated poses, forward bends, backward bends, twists, inversions, and balancing poses. Explore proper alignment, modifications, variations, and sequencing principles for safe and effective asana practice.
  4. Pranayama (Breathwork):

    • Learn various pranayama techniques to regulate the breath, enhance vitality, and calm the mind. Practice techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, alternate nostril breathing, kapalabhati, ujjayi breath, and bhramari pranayama to cultivate breath awareness and pranic energy.
  5. Meditation and Mindfulness:

    • Cultivate mindfulness and inner awareness through meditation practices, including seated meditation, guided visualization, mantra meditation, and mindfulness meditation. Explore techniques to quiet the mind, enhance concentration, and experience inner peace and tranquility.
  6. Teaching Methodologies:

    • Develop effective teaching skills and methodologies to lead yoga classes confidently and skillfully. Learn about class sequencing, lesson planning, cueing techniques, hands-on adjustments, and verbal instructions to create safe, inclusive, and transformative yoga experiences for students.
  7. Yoga Therapy and Rehabilitation:

    • Explore the therapeutic applications of yoga for physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, pain management, and holistic wellness. Learn about common yoga injuries, contraindications, modifications, and therapeutic interventions to support students with diverse needs and conditions.
  8. Ethics and Professionalism:

    • Understand the ethical guidelines, principles, and responsibilities of yoga teachers and practitioners. Learn about the ethical considerations in teaching yoga, maintaining professional boundaries, respecting student autonomy, and upholding the integrity of the yoga tradition.
Faculty Expertise

Meet our esteemed faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.Learn about their research interests, publications, and professional accomplishments.Connect with faculty advisors and mentors who are committed to supporting your academic and professional growth

Workshops and Retreats

  1. Specialized Workshops:

    • Dive deep into specific areas of yoga practice, philosophy, or therapeutic applications through specialized workshops led by experienced instructors and subject matter experts. Topics may include yoga anatomy, meditation techniques, Ayurveda, chakra balancing, mantra chanting, and more.
  2. Teacher Training Intensives:

    • Enhance your teaching skills and professional development through teacher training intensives focused on advanced teaching methodologies, hands-on adjustments, sequencing principles, and yoga philosophy. These intensive programs provide in-depth training and mentorship for aspiring yoga instructors.
  3. Wellness Retreats:

    • Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and retreat to serene natural settings for rejuvenating wellness retreats. Immerse yourself in daily yoga and meditation practices, healthy gourmet meals, nature excursions, spa treatments, and mindfulness activities designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul.
  4. Yoga and Adventure Retreats:

    • Combine the benefits of yoga practice with thrilling outdoor adventures and cultural experiences on yoga and adventure retreats. Explore breathtaking landscapes, engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, and zip-lining, and immerse yourself in local culture and cuisine for a truly enriching and unforgettable retreat experience.
  5. Corporate Wellness Workshops:

    • Bring the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to your workplace with corporate wellness workshops tailored to the needs of your organization. These workshops offer practical tools and techniques for stress management, team building, productivity enhancement, and employee well-being, helping to create a healthier and more harmonious work environment.

Career Opportunities

  1. Yoga Instructor/Teacher:

    • Become a certified yoga instructor and teach yoga classes in various settings, including yoga studios, fitness centers, community centers, corporate offices, schools, and wellness retreats. Guide students through asana practice, pranayama, meditation, and relaxation techniques to promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  2. Yoga Studio Owner/Entrepreneur:

    • Establish your own yoga studio or wellness center and create a space for students to practice yoga, receive holistic wellness services, and participate in workshops, events, and retreats. As a yoga studio owner, you can cultivate a supportive community, offer specialized classes, and contribute to the local wellness ecosystem.
  3. Yoga Therapist/Health Coach:

    • Specialize in yoga therapy and provide personalized therapeutic interventions to support individuals with health challenges, injuries, chronic pain, stress-related disorders, and mental health conditions. Offer private sessions, group classes, and wellness programs tailored to clients’ specific needs and goals.
  4. Corporate Yoga Trainer/Wellness Consultant:

    • Work with corporations, businesses, and organizations to provide workplace wellness programs, employee wellness initiatives, and corporate yoga classes. Help employees manage stress, improve productivity, enhance job satisfaction, and cultivate a healthy work-life balance through yoga and mindfulness practices.
  5. Yoga Retreat Facilitator/Travel Coordinator:

    • Organize and lead yoga retreats, wellness retreats, and spiritual retreats in exotic locations around the world. Create immersive experiences that combine yoga practice, meditation, nature immersion, cultural exploration, and relaxation activities to rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit.
  6. Yoga Educator/Workshop Facilitator:

    • Share your knowledge and expertise as a yoga educator, workshop facilitator, or guest lecturer at yoga teacher training programs, yoga conferences, retreat centers, and educational institutions. Offer workshops, seminars, and continuing education programs on specialized topics such as yoga philosophy, anatomy, teaching skills, and holistic wellness.
  7. Yoga Researcher/Writer:

    • Contribute to the field of yoga research by conducting scientific studies, writing scholarly articles, and publishing research papers in peer-reviewed journals. Explore topics such as the physiological effects of yoga, the therapeutic benefits of specific yoga practices, and the integration of yoga into healthcare settings.
  8. Yoga Entrepreneur/Online Instructor:

    • Leverage digital platforms to offer online yoga classes, virtual workshops, and wellness programs to a global audience. Create online courses, video tutorials, e-books, and podcasts on yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and holistic living, reaching individuals who seek wellness solutions from the comfort of their homes.

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