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Explore our Diverse range of B.Tech programs

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) programs typically offer a wide range of specializations in various fields of engineering and technology. Here’s an exploration of the diverse range of B.Tech programs you might find at the GE Group of Institutions:

Program Offerings

Engineering Programs:

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
B.Tech in Electrical Engineering
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech in Civil Engineering
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)
B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering
B.Tech in Chemical Engineering
B.Tech in Automobile Engineering
B.Tech in Robotics and Automation
B.Tech in Environmental Engineering
B.Tech in Information Technology (IT)

Biotechnology and Life Sciences:

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Biotechnology
B.Tech in Bioinformatics
B.Tech in Industrial Biotechnology

Management Programs:

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Healthcare Management (BBA HM)

Computer Applications and Information Technology:

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc IT)

Healthcare and Allied Health Sciences:

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc Nursing)
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Technology (B.Sc MLT)
Bachelor of Science in Medical Record Science (B.Sc MRS)

Science Programs:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)
B.Sc in Physics, Electronics, Mathematics (PEM)
B.Sc in Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (CBZ)
B.Sc in Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genetics (MBG)

Arts and Humanities:

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Literature
BA in Economics
BA in Psychology


Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
Paramedical Sciences:


Faculty Expertise

Meet our esteemed faculty members who are experts in their respective fields.Learn about their research interests, publications, and professional accomplishments.Connect with faculty advisors and mentors who are committed to supporting your academic and professional growth

Experienced Faculty

Vast Expertise: Our faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom, with many holding advanced degrees and certifications in their respective fields. Their diverse backgrounds encompass academia, industry, research, and consulting.

Industry Experience: Many of our faculty members have significant industry experience, having worked for leading organizations and companies in various sectors. This real-world experience allows them to bring practical insights and case studies into their teaching, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Research Prowess: Our faculty members are actively engaged in research and scholarly activities, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in their fields. They publish their research in esteemed journals, present at conferences, and collaborate with peers both nationally and internationally.

Student-Centered Approach: Our faculty members are dedicated to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. They prioritize student success and employ innovative teaching methods, interactive lectures, and hands-on projects to enhance learning outcomes and cater to diverse learning styles.

Mentorship and Guidance: Faculty members serve as mentors and advisors, providing academic guidance, career counseling, and personal support to students. They are approachable, accessible, and invested in the holistic development of each student, nurturing their talents and helping them achieve their goals.

Professional Development: Our faculty members are committed to lifelong learning and professional development. They regularly participate in workshops, seminars, and training programs to stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and pedagogical practices in their fields.

Collaborative Spirit: Collaboration is at the heart of our faculty culture. Faculty members collaborate with each other, industry partners, and other institutions to create interdisciplinary projects, research initiatives, and experiential learning opportunities for students.

Commitment to Excellence: Above all, our faculty members are passionate about their craft and dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence, integrity, and ethics. They inspire students to think critically, innovate boldly, and make meaningful contributions to society.

Career Opportunities

Engineering Graduates:

Computer Science and Engineering: Software developer, web developer, data scientist, cybersecurity analyst, systems analyst.

Electrical Engineering: Electrical engineer, power systems engineer, electronics engineer, control systems engineer.

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineer, design engineer, manufacturing engineer, automotive engineer.

Civil Engineering: Civil engineer, structural engineer, construction manager, project manager.

Electronics and Communication Engineering: Electronics engineer, telecommunications engineer, RF engineer, embedded systems engineer.

Aerospace Engineering: Aerospace engineer, aircraft design engineer, aerospace systems engineer, avionics engineer.

Chemical Engineering: Chemical engineer, process engineer, quality control engineer, environmental engineer.

Automobile Engineering: Automotive engineer, vehicle design engineer, automotive testing engineer, production engineer.

Robotics and Automation: Robotics engineer, automation engineer, mechatronics engineer, artificial intelligence specialist.

Environmental Engineering: Environmental engineer, water resources engineer, environmental consultant, sustainability specialist.

Biotechnology and Life Sciences Graduates:

Biotechnologist, research scientist, laboratory technician, bioinformatics analyst, pharmaceutical sales representative.

Management Graduates:

Business analyst, management consultant, marketing executive, human resources manager, operations manager.

Computer Applications and Information Technology Graduates:

Software developer, database administrator, IT consultant, systems analyst, network engineer.

Healthcare and Allied Health Sciences Graduates:

Nurse, medical laboratory technologist, radiology technologist, physiotherapist, occupational therapist.

Science Graduates:

Research assistant, laboratory technician, science writer, environmental scientist, quality control analyst.

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